Introducing cat yoga classes… the purr-fect way to relax in the Northern Quarter

What could be better than Cats and Yoga together? Now, feline fanatics and fitness fiends alike can enjoy yoga classes at the Cat Café.

The hour long classes are run by part-time yoga instructor Kate Sassanelli who first got in touch with the Northern Quarter café to enquire about volunteering.

“When I explained that I’m a yoga teacher they got back to me about doing a class in the future. I’m also a crazy cat lady,” she said.

MM were eager to paw-take.

The classes are much the same as any other, with one exception – the cats.

This means Kate has to give a disclaimer at the beginning to remind participants to be careful about where they sit so as to avoid squashed kitties – they don’t say curiosity killed the cat for nothing.

Classic yoga poses such as triangle, warrior and, ironically, downward-dog become a lot more interesting when there are cats weaving in and out of your contorted limbs.

Savannah, a spritely kitten named after her breed, is particularly inquisitive and it was hard not to laugh as she tried to crawl under the mats or jump in between our legs during lotus pose.

Fluffy, a gorgeous Ragdoll, was also eager to join in the fun and a few times she casually positioned herself in the middle of a vacant mat as if to say “how do I do it then?”

WHISKERED AWAY: Stressed? You won’t be after a session of cat yoga…

The overall vibe of the class is very chilled out with no objections made to taking photos or occasionally dropping out of a pose to stroke a passing cat.

By the end, you may have some fur stuck to you but you can be sure that you’ll feel a lot more relaxed as all your stress is whiskered away.

Other special events at High Street’s Cat Café include film nights, mindfulness classes, craft workshops and kids sessions.

To book a class go to the website:

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