Prized plant or pooch’s peril? Dogs Trust warn owners of dangers hiding in hedges

As the RHS Flower Show gets underway at Tatton Park this week, Dogs Trust is warning pet owners of the hidden dangers that could be lurking in their flower beds.

Many dog loving gardening enthusiasts may not be aware that some of their prized plants are in fact harmful to their four-legged family member.

Plants our furry friends should avoid include azaleas, foxgloves, lily of the valley, mistletoe, rhododendrons and buttercups.

Also daffodils can be fatal within just hours if your pup eats them, especially the bulbs.

Dogs Trust Veterinary Surgeon Ariel Brunn said: “We all know dogs love getting involved in all aspects of family life, especially gardening.

“But they often eat things they shouldn’t, so it is important for owners to be aware that some of the UK’s most popular plants such as daffodils and foxgloves are in fact harmful to dogs.”

And toxic plants aren’t the only danger.

Gardeners waging war on slugs and snails can unwittingly put their pooches at risk by leaving slug pellets containing toxic metaldehyde where dogs can reach them.  

Dr Brunn added: “If any dog owner thinks their pet has eaten something potentially toxic they should seek advice from their vet as soon as they can and take a sample of the plant with them to the vets if possible.”

Dogs Trust have a full list of poisonous plants on their website but they also suggest you follow the tips below for a dog-friendly garden.

  • Keep potentially toxic plants out of reach
  • Plant pet-friendly plants
  • Be careful when using chemicals such as pesticides, fertilisers and slug pellets
  • Supervise your dog in the garden
  • If you are worried your dog may have eaten something harmful, seek veterinary advice straight away.

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