Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby on weight loss, being a ‘wild child’ and behaviour that’s too outrageous for TV

Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore has transformed her image with drastic weight loss and is helping people achieve their goal figure with her new book.

The reality star came to Manchester for a signing of her new recipe book Live Fast Lose Weight – which is packed with healthy treats that allow a fun lifestyle.

Crosby’s weight suffered from her partying in Geordie Shore (GS) but with healthy eating and a thorough exercise routine she has slimmed right down.

However, she struggles to find the balance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the GS house whilst going out every night for six weeks.

She told MM: “If I was to leave GS I would go down the fitness route even harder than I already do.

“I’m in good shape now, I feel confident and I feel great about myself.

“I work my bloody arse off when I get out just to try and get back to normal again because I do fluctuate a couple of pounds here and there when I go on GS, I’m only human.

The TV personality, who is known for being outrageous and controversial, boasts about her new look and is definitely overjoyed with confidence.

“When I think about if GS was out of the equation I would look sick!” she said.

“I wouldn’t have all of them obstacles, I wouldn’t be putting that extra weight on.

“I would just constantly look shredded.

“I would look better than what I do now! Isn’t that just the dream?

“I can’t even imagine what I’d look like. I’d be walking around like some sort of Victoria Secrets model constantly! It would just be amazing. ”

Crosby attempts to stick to drinks with lighter calories like gin and tonic, but admitted that this doesn’t always go to plan. 

“Once your drunk that goes out the window,” she said.

“You just drink anything that’s on the table, the jager bombs, the baileys, everything’s going down my neck.”

Despite this, Crosby still does what she can with exercise in the GS house, using moves from her successful fitness DVDs Belly Blitz and Bum Blitz.

Crosby hopes to stand out from fellow fitness rivals with her success from Belly Blitz which was the fastest selling fitness DVD in 15 years.

“When it becomes something that you’re really enjoying, like a passion, I think that’s when it takes it away from just being a reality star with a DVD,” she said.

“I really enjoy doing it and I want to carry on helping people transform their bodies and making people feel happy and confident.

“I’d like to carry on and maybe be accepted as not an amateur but someone who actually knows what she’s doing and who’s serious about it.”

Crosby recently mentioned that she may be putting her wild days in GS behind her and would like to explore a full time career in fitness.

However, as well as following the recipes in her book she admits that allowing treats are just as important and excitably gave away her favourite cheat meal.

“I have to eat gravy on a hangover, I crave it!” she said.

“When I pour the gravy on chips, anything that’s left over in the jug is going down my neck, I drink it like a cup of tea.

“Northern birds love gravy.”

However, it’s not all gravy and chips. Crosby mostly sticks to a healthy diet with sweet potato brownies and banana pops being her favourite recipes.

She admitted to being a good influence on the GS gang with exercise, and said that house-mate Nathan is her gym buddy in the house.

GS has just returned with a new series, bringing back old cast members, and Crosby described the return of her best friend Sophie Kasaei as ‘euphoric .’

After five years of outrageous scenes of sex, nudity and drunken antics Crosby revealed that the one thing not allowed to feature on the show is faeces.

“I can’t even explain how many poo things have happened and it’s all been with me,” she claimed.

“Not pooing myself but something involving poo, it’s been disgusting and I’m glad they haven’t shown it.”

Something that always seems to appear on the controversial show is lots of snogging, or as they call it ‘tashing’ or ‘necking’ on.

“It’s a habit I really need to kill because it’s so embarrassing,” she said.

“That’s what you do when you’re like 16, when you were younger it would be cool to neck on with people.

“I had braces then so no one ever wanted to kiss me. I had to just stand and stare like some kind of weird pervert, so I think I’m trying to make up for all the times I couldn’t kiss the boys.”

After a wild night out, Crosby is the envy of all her friends as she never seems to have ‘beer fear’, cringing over last night’s events.

“It’s done now, what am I meant to do about it?” she said.

“I would only worry if there was a risk of dying and there’s never a risk of dying.”

As well as filming for GS Crosby is often in Manchester for her Nostalgia fashion range at In The Style, and admits to visiting Canal Street on nights out.

Her musts for a good night out include a pre-drinks session with friends with a good tune on, and dressing comfortably – although an exception has to be made for a pair of heels..

Crosby’s weight hasn’t been the only thing to change over the years, after she opted for a nose job and lip fillers.

However, she claimed that she will not have any more surgery and is happy with her image, despite some magazines labelling her as a ‘plastic surgery addict’.

“I did it because it was something that made me unhappy, I don’t feel like I should be scrutinised for that,” she said.

And Crosby said that her new focus on fitness has drawn compliments from her mother – despite her showing no signs of putting her ‘wild child’ days to bed.

“She’s just so incredibly proud that I was able to stick to something that really changed my life,” she said.

“It’s good being known for something good and not just for being a wild child – which I am and I still will be for a long time.”

Image courtesy of ITV, via YouTube, with thanks

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