The not so glamorous fashion industry: How the fashion industry capitalises from animal poaching

Every year over 100 million defenceless are raised and then murdered on specialist slaughter farms all in the name of fashion. 

Your favourite handbag, coat or shoes although may be trendy this means a defenceless animal has had to endure endless hours of torture for items that can be acquired in a more ethical and humane manner due to vegan clothing become more and more accessible.

1.3 million crocodiles were slaughtered between 2007 and 2010 each year globally and these numbers are only projected to worsen with at least 1.5 million being killed each following year.

Hermès, an iconic French fashion house since 1837 and best known for their stunning Birkin , features genuine crocodile leather that is renowned for its beauty across the globe. 

The genuine leather enables Hermès to sell each bag for upwards of £10,000. 

The Birkin has been a go-to bag to some of the best known celebrities for years with the Kardashians showing off an impressive collection of the cult fashion item.

Many assume that with Hermès being renowned around the world for being one of the most luxurious brands in the world that Hermès would implement ethical considerations when crafting their bags but this is not a concept that Hermes has clocked on to.

In a shocking investigation led by the Farm Transparency Project it was found Hermès owns a plethora of crocodile farms in Australia that are responsible for housing crocodiles in abysmal conditions prior to their horrific slaughter . 

Eyewitness footage captured in Northern Australia at one of Australia’s 13 crocodile farms. Show crocodiles are cramped in concrete enclosures smaller than the length of their body leaving them with not even enough room to move. 

After spending months in solitary confinement upon full maturity the crocodile is electrocuted and dragged from their wire pen . Then is immediately stabbed in the skull with a blunt screwdriver, murdering the crocodile slowly. Whilst still conscious the skin is then torn from its stomach as the crocodile struggles to fight for its life.

Crocodiles are sentient beings and therefore are susceptible to every bit of pain inflicted upon them throughout this nightmare.

As captured footage showed the crocodiles were still conscious whilst the farmer ripped skin from the reptile with no regard for the mammals life. 

Thailand is the world leader in the crocodile farming realm being home to 20 mega farms and 1000 others. Thailand’s largest farm is home to over 150,000 of the fashionable reptiles. 

Crocodile numbers in the wild have never been so low , there are now only 100,000 Freshwater crocodiles. This number is truly shocking due the relentless poaching they are now listed as an endangered species. One day a crocodile will be a distant memory and their memory will live on in our closets. 

For centuries fur coats have been a symbol of wealth due to the expensive mink typically being used to craft these fur coats. 

There are two species of mink which derive from the weasel family and are both native to the northern hemisphere. 

The two main species of mink originate from North America and Europe and are both victim to being poached for their luxurious fur with 100,000 mink being killed annually in intensive fur farms that supply to the fashion industry that are them crafted into fur coats,fur trims, hats, gloves and a whole lot more.

Fur farming is one of the most inhumane ways that humans attain their materials. 

Animals such as foxes, rabbits, and mink are all confined to small wire cages which prevent them from performing their natural animal behaviors such as digging, roaming , swimming and diving. These animals are naturally curious of their territory and tend to wander for miles a day foraging for food but this although so natural is taken away from them whilst they waste their days away staring at cold metal 24 hours a day. 

It is a well known fact that many of the animals confined to such small spaces show many signs of mental illness whilst imprisoned.

Animals have been known to pace repeatedly in circles, it is also not alien for the animals to mutilate themselves and fight with their cage mates due to the isolation damaging their mental state.

Canada Goose, although designed to keep you warm in the coldest of weather, this brand is nothing but cold to the Coyotes that they eradicate for their fur trims that line the hood of their popular coats.

Coyotes are tricked into capture by the fashion giant via painful steel traps and then are taken against their will to be killed and skinned all ready for manufacture.

Harvey Nichols, a popular designer department store with seven stores in the United Kingdom. Harvey Nichols, unlike their competitors Selfridges, have suffered controversy in recent years for selling genuine fur goods within their stores despite making a promise to end the sale in 2004.

Harvey Nichols said in a statement:  ‘It is an assurance that the fur carrying the label comes from a country where welfare regulations or standards governing fur production are in force.’ 

Harvey Nichols have claimed they only sell “humane” fur but this just simply does not exist.

Half of the fur sourced around the world comes from China who do not have strict laws in place surrounding the labeling of where the fur has come from therefore there is no way to know what you are wearing, never mind if it has been sourced in a “humane” manner as Harvey Nichols claims.

Genuine leather and fur will always be a symbol of luxury for the rich and famous but with amazing alternatives on offer that do not require an animal to be beaten and bludgeoned for the sake of fashion, why not go for the more ethical option to preserve the animals for the next generation.

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