Piccadilly Pulse: Have recent plane disasters put you off flying this summer?

The recent aviation disasters of the last few months have rocked the globe.

And as the debris of flight MH17 still lies in war-torn Ukraine, thousands of Mancunians will be preparing themselves to jet off abroad for their summer holidays in the coming weeks.

But with the recent disappearance of Malaysian flight MH370 and the crash of MH17 and an Algerian flight only yesterday, will people be put off from jetting away?

Here at MM, we took to the streets of Manchester to ask:

Have recent plane disasters put you off flying this summer?






Two thirds appear unperturbed about the process of flying to their summer destinations.

Some did indicate that they would be more concerned if they were supposed to be flying to parts of Ukraine though, after flight MH17 was shot down last week killing all 298 passengers.

Olivia Jane, 18, a student who lives in Manchester, said: “No, I would be wary of flying to or over Eastern Europe but it wouldn’t impact on my normal travel plans though.”

This is a view supported by Kenneth Johns, a 50-year-old pharmacy worker who lives in Heywood: “There have been no disasters that close to home so I wouldn’t be put off flying to be honest.”

Scotti Taylor, an 18-year-old office admin worker from Leigh, said it won’t impact her and shouldn’t do to others.

“Most of these incidents are either part of a big conflict or in some cases just a tragic freak accident,” she said.

“I bet loads are killed in car crashes each year, that doesn’t stop people driving does it?”

Rhoular Ahmed, a 24-year-old from London who is in Manchester for work purposes, said: “You can’t let terrorists or accidents dictate your life.”

Jane Thomas, a 19-year-old student from Salford, disagreed though and said it has only increased here worries about flying.

“I was a never a good flyer, this just makes me more anxious about ever getting on a plane,” she admitted.

Ryan Thomas, a 22-year-old masters student, said: “It has already impacted on my future plans, since the two incidents involving Malaysian Airlines, I have cancelled my holiday there for next January.”

Helen Gibbons, a 47-year-old teaching assistant from Rochdale, argued that the number of incidents have had an impact on her and said: “It seems to be happening too much. It makes you wonder when the next incident is going to happen.”

Daniel Small, 27, who is a security guard in the centre of Manchester, said: “It wouldn’t put me off. I have booked a holiday since it happened.”

Gav Smith, a 26-year-old store worker from Manchester said. “I’m normally not a flyer anyway; it wouldn’t put me off though.”

Nick O’Brien a 22-year-old student from Dublin visiting friends in Manchester, said: “I’m more wary although it wouldn’t put me off. Short flights are definitely not an issue.”

Image courtesy of Billy Wilt, with thanks

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