The dog who made people cry: Lady just wants new home and cuddles

By Ben Butler

Lady is a dog that will pull on the heartstrings.

Only saved at the last minute from some generous people who stumped up the boarding fees, she is in desperate need of a new home before the cash runs out.

She has already reduced one volunteer at the rescue centre to tears, so upset was she that the dog couldn’t find a loving home.

Lady is three and has been living at Rochdale Dog Rescue Centre since June after being picked up as a stray.

This tiny brindle and white beauty’s owner heartbreakingly never came forward – and now she is facing a ticking clock for someone to find room for her in their heart and home.

Coryn Shields, Manager of Rochdale Dog Rescue, said Lady is a ‘sweetheart’ who is exceptionally friendly and steady.

She explained: “Lady is a great little dog who is very curious and sweet and is more than happy to share a cuddle.

“She walks nicely on the lead and is currently being assessed with other dogs.”

IT’S A DOG’S LIFE: Lady having fun playing

A Staffordshire bull terrier that adores people and loves to have a fuss, Lady wants a companion to keep warm as autumn approaches.   

Like anyone, Lady has her dislikes too.

Coryn added: “She isn’t a big fan of female dogs and cats and certainly doesn’t like being alone.

“But she loves her walks and does like most boys – little flirt.

“She will also sit nicely for treats, giving a paw when asked.”

Lady has not just proven to be a hit amongst staff and volunteers at the rescue centre but also once at a football match where a family came over to fuss her.

Coryn explained: “We went out for a longer walk and came across a football match and when she saw all the people she was just so excited and giddy and wanted to talk to everyone.

“Sadly the family had already got a Staffy.”

But Lady can be a playful madam, once leaving footprints on her supervisor’s car and have them falling around in the snow when out playing ball in a paddock.  

Coryn added Lady was great at the vets, where she has been sprayed, fully vaccinated and micro chipped: “Lady was very happy; she ignored the dogs on the waiting room and was really good for the vet.”

Anyone interested in making this beauty their own, should contact Rochdale Dog Rescue on 07799 777422, visit, and also Lady’s Facebook page

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