Manchester city-centre car parking space up for sale on eBay… for £16,000

It is a long-known fact that parking your car in Manchester city-centre everyday can turn into a pricey affair and leave your vehicle at risk of theft and vandalism.

But now one person is offering you the chance to solve these problems for life… for the princely sum of £16,000.

Adrian Adkin, 58, is selling a parking space in a secure car park located underneath the swanky Skyline Chambers apartment block on Ludgate Hill nearby Manchester Victoria.

He explained that he had invested in the land several years ago, which he used to rent to other drivers on a yearly basis.

“I bought the unit a couple of years ago for £25,000 and it returned £2,000 per annum, but I am now selling it to invest in another project in Wales” he told MM.

“At £16,000 you can see a good discount and a future investor, assuming the same return, can expect around a 12% return per annum.”

The plot is registered with land registry and legal documents will ensure that a buyer will owner parking space outright for life.

Adrian explained that as well as purchasing the parking space for a driver’s own benefit, it could also potentially be a good investment for people occupying the flats nearby.

“For anyone in the flats being able to sell with secure parking will greatly increase their sale value,” he said.

“You also could manage the space yourself or use a company – the one I used charged just £16.50 per month.”

He explained that the secure location could be beneficial to people who thought their cars could be under threat through theft, which is a growing crime in Manchester.

“The key enter system and CCTV are an added bonus,” he added.

“I own other property from student pods to hotel rooms but this is a good one for a first time investor on a budget.”

You can view the eBay listing by clicking here.

Image courtesy of RobMCM via FlickR, with thanks.

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