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Manchester going against the national trend for popular baby boy names – data suggests

Muhammad is the most popular boy name in seven of the 10 boroughs in Greater Manchester.

According to the office for national statistics released in 2022, only Salford, Wigan and Stockport go against Greater Manchester’s trend with their most popular name being Noah.

However, Stockport has a joint popular name with Noah and Muhammad, with 12 of each born in the area in 2022.

Wigan has a joint popular name with Noah and Leo, with 19 of each born in the area.

According to the latest ONS statistics, a total of 745 Muhammads, Noahs and Leo’s were born in Greater Manchester in 2022.

89% of those were just Muhammads, with 670 individual babies with that name across the major boroughs in Greater Manchester.

Overall, the most popular name in England is Noah, there were 4320 babies born with that name in England during 2022, Muhammad is second with 4136.

According to the ONS, the most popular name in the North West 12 years ago was Harry, with 1010 babies with that name, Muhammad was ranked 10th.

In 2022, Harry is ranked ninth in the North West with only 402 being born, a 60% decrease in 10 years.

A decade earlier, the most popular baby boy name in England was Harry with 6893 babies being born with that name. Noah was ranked 14th and Muhammad was ranked 18th.

However, according to the ONS data from 2022, that name Harry is ranked 15th most popular with 2314 babies being born with that name, a 66% decrease of babies born with that name.

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