Top 10 Fashion Trends in Manchester

In this article, we will explore all of the latest fashion trends in Manchester to ensure you stand out in the crowd.

One could scarcely be blamed for thinking of London as the UK’s fashion hub.

It is, after all, the country’s financial hub, as well as the location of countless designer boutiques and the world-famous London Fashion Week.

However, a fashion revolution is happening outside of the ‘Big Smoke,’ occurring right here in Manchester.

Just walking along some of Manchester’s streets will convince you that this is a city that is firmly establishing itself on the fashion map with plenty of new boutiques and shops displaying designer shoes popping up everywhere.

A lot of work is being done to close the economic gap between the North and the South, making the former an even more attractive location for fashion-conscious entrepreneurs to set up shop.

With this in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to look at ten of the best fashion trends that are sweeping through Manchester.

woman in brown leather skirt
  1. Mini Skirt Suits – After seasons of maxis and midis, the mini is ready to take centre stage, but in suiting form. Consider this the ideal time to update your 2021 matchy-matchy outfits with more tailoring—and a little more leg.
  1. Pleated Skirts – The pleated skirt was one of the most wearable styles to emerge from this round of runways. While a few slight versions are reminiscent of this summer’s favourite tennis skirt, SS22 is all about the pleated midi.
  1. Micro Skirts – Just when you thought the hemlines couldn’t go any higher, Miuccia Prada showed up with a Miu Miu show that made you want to cut every skirt you own with a pair of dressmaking shears. Miu Miu’s minis are pretty racy, as they are worn low on the hips and trimmed to a strip.
  1. Wide-Legged Pants – Whether you favour giant, fleece-lined joggers or elevated soft-pants like knitted flares and flowy culottes, we think lazy bottoms will be a constant in early 2022.
  1. Disco Look – It’s time to go back to the year 2000, with cargo trousers, glittery shirts, low-slung waistlines, and Grecian drapery. This is utility with an insanely glamorous edge, and it’s anything but basic. Channel your inner Beyoncé circa Destiny’s Child ‘Survivor’ era – The only rule is that heels must be worn with everything.
  1. Sporty Space – There’s no better moment for athletic lines to go interplanetary than now. The space era meets the age of athleisure with tech-integrated textiles and classic sports designs.
  1. Metallic – Next season, there will be a new approach to perform metallic spangle that does not require sequins, which are often quite harmful to the environment. Instead, we recommend liquid metal sheens, a far more delicate, mature, and contemporary take on shimmer. These sheeny fantasies, which are most commonly – but not solely – seen in golds and silvers, give off a molten metal vibe as sumptuous, glittering fabric falls around your body.
  1. Stripes – There’s no need to read between the lines while making a statement: there’s a straightforward formula for doing so. As fashion becomes more two-toned and graphic, the bigger, bolder, and more in-your-face, the better. Stripes, rather than Bretons, embellish skirts, suits, and shirts.
  1. Lace – Lace could be the source of rebellion this year. Delicate ornamentation is demure and feminine, providing seasonal softness when temperatures—and hemlines—rise.
  1.  Sheer Styling – Super sheer textiles will be enjoying a significant moment in the sun come spring and may be best suited to individuals eager to have fun with fashion again after spending the better part of two years in tracksuits. In addition, of course, they may be layered to ensure modesty, making this one of the most adaptable trends for SS22.
woman in striped blue and white shirt

Manchester’s fashion scene is anything from vibrant colours and designs to dramatic styles like bubble dresses, volume tops, cutouts aplenty, and ultra-low rises on pants and skirts.

The spotlight-stealing apparel with a joyful spirit is taking over.

Accessories are also having a good time. Think chunky platforms, rainbow-hued purses, and a jewellery aesthetic combining beads, pearls, and rhinestone-studded baubles.

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