MM’s guide to October: What’s hot and what’s not this month

This month we’ve seen the return of GBBO to our screens, Manchester Christmas Markets CANCELLED and the daunting prospect of increased Covid restrictions. We bring you what’s got people talking recently…  

Sir David Attenborough – HOT  

The 94-year-old broadcaster’s debut on Instagram last month landed him the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to reach one million followers. Since then, his followers have more than quintupled, proving his ability to connect with the younger generation on climate change to be an outstanding achievement.   

The Great British Bake Off – HOT  

The popular show hit our screens earlier this month to provide exactly the sort of light-hearted and delicious entertainment we’ve all been craving. Where else would you rather be at 8 o’clock on a Tuesday other than sat on your sofa judging each contestant’s Showstopper cake (far too harshly for someone who’s baked banana bread once during lockdown, may I add)?

Percy Pig Pies – IN BETWEEN   

M&S sent people into a frenzy with the announcement: “Move over, mince pies: Percy Pig Pies are here!” Some critics have called them ‘weird’, others ‘wonderful’. What’s next… Percy Pig scented candles? Eau de Percy?  

The Government and the Arts – NOT 

The government received widespread backlash after an advert promoting a ballet dancer retraining to take a job in cyber began re-circulating on the internet. The controversy came at a time when creative industries have been campaigning to #SaveTheArts and push for more government funding. 

…And that’s it! With more Hots than Nots in times like this, it’s always good to look on the bright side.   

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