Marriage proposal in a coffin

Halloween-loving couple share their unique horror-themed engagement story

A Halloween-obsessed couple got engaged on the spookiest day of the year – with an engagement ring in a small COFFIN.

Philip Kennedy proposed to his girlfriend, Becci Murphy, while they were watching a horror film on October 31 last year.

Becci and Philip plan to get married on halloween

He used a card trick to pop the big question before revealing an engagement ring in a mini coffin.

And the Bolton couple love the frightful day so much they even plan to tie the knot on Halloween.

Tattoo artist Becci, 33, said: “We both love Halloween and it has somewhat become our day over the years. So knowing that he chose something that I love to celebrate our love makes it that extra bit special!

 “Philip had been learning magic for the past few years and, as the film was at its best bit, he got his cards out and was asking me to help him with a trick.

“He fanned his cards out and asked me to pick one and put it back in the deck. I did as he asked, put the card back into the deck and he shuffled, picked a card out and asked if it was mine.

“I looked and it wasn’t so I laughed. But as I looked up, he had the Joker card in his mouth with the words “will you marry me” on it. The reference to the Joker card is really special, because he asked me out 13 years ago on April Fool’s Day, so how could it not be the Joker that he used to propose!” 

The couple, who have been together for 13 years and live together with their three cats,  Salem, Pinny and Autumn.

Murphy told Diamond Factory: “I couldn’t imagine any other day that Philip would have chosen to ask me to marry him.

“My mum is a great storyteller and has always instilled a joy to create and be myself. We celebrated Halloween like most kids, but my mum was incredible at making costumes and making us feel special.

“She introduced me to the spooky genre at a young age, watching spooky cartoons and, as I got older, watching murder mysteries with her and my grandparents. My interest for the occult and unknown has only grown over the years.”

Images courtesy of Diamond Factory.

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