O2 testing state-of-the-art geofencing technology, bringing sports fans together at Oldham’s Boundary Park

By Matthew Lees

Telecoms giant O2 will test out their state-of-the-art mobile phone technology at Oldham Athletic’s Boundary Park home tomorrow.

O2 are sponsoring Latic’s game against Sheffield United while at the same time trialling out their geofencing technology.

Around thirty Latics fans have agreed to be involved in the trial to see if the software can handle many messages in one go without any errors.

“The aim of the trial is to see if we can send the message successfully within the Boundary Park area and give O2 customers something that nobody else can receive,” said John Beard an O2 Business Sales Executive.

“Not to be picky, but we look after our own.

“We realise that Oldham aren’t a huge club that gets lots of exposure and we can carry out the tests without it becoming a big issue.

“If it works it means that Oldham have pioneered what could become a massive part of advertising not only for O2 but many businesses looking to be utilised at events.”

The technology, around since the inception of 3G, has only recently been used involving Tesco, L’Oreal and Starbucks.

Geofencing creates a virtual area or cell around an area where mobile phone users can receive promotions and deals for that time of day.

The idea for its use in sport was thought up when the company sponsored a Preston North End game earlier in the season.

O2 currently sponsor the England Rugby team and hope a successful trial will allow for the technology to be used at Twickenham.

If things to plan, the technology could be fully operational in 12 months at sports events to help create a better sporting experience.

The mobile phone company will also be running a man-of-the match competition with fans able to decide the winner by texting the number of the player to 82022.

Image courtesy of Roger May, via Wiki Commons, with thanks.

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