YouthPolitics UK set for first press event with speakers Alastair Campbell & Andy Burnham

YouthPolitics UK will be holding their first ever press event at Manchester Grammar School this Saturday with keynote speakers Alastair Campbell and Andy Burnham.

Running from 9.30am to 5:30pm, the conference will host a variety of workshops, debates, Q&As and much more to entertain and educate all attendees on the wide spectrum of politics.

YouthPolitics UK is a non-profit organisation created by young-adults for young-adults and teenagers to be more engaged in modern democracy, Parliament and current political affairs in the UK.

The organisation was formed in response to the from young-adults nationwide who feel like their views are often dismissed by MPs and their voices unheard in the political landscape.

The conference is also a platform for the organisation to announce branches being opened in Edinburgh, Swansea, London, Liverpool, Bristol, Birmingham and Bath.

However, anyone under the age of 25 can become a YouthPolitics Activist (YPA) and start a branch in their own city if one does not already exist.

Tickets are £5 for under 25s, £10 for over 25s, however bursaries are available for those with trouble attaining a ticket. Tickets also include a hot lunch.

Any A-level students studying Politics, History, Economics, or Law will find this conference invaluable and other such pupils interested in current affairs will still be able to enjoy the event.

Throughout the day, pupils will have the chance to learn the skills necessary for their voices to be heard and to take action to bring about social change.

Tickets are on sale here:

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