End of the line: Metrolink pulls final two iconic T68 trams from tracks with failed selfie send-off

The last of the original iconic Manchester T68 trams bowed out of service yesterday after 15 years on the tracks – with selfies on-board.

But the campaign was derailed as only two people took part in the selfie plan.

The final two T68A model trams – 2001 and 2003, which were introduced in 1999 – enjoyed their final journeys before being taken out of public use by Metrolink and will make one last trip to a South Yorkshire scrapyard.

And the company behind Manchester’s light-rail network asked passengers to send their selfies to the Metrolink Twitter account to mark the occasion.

Few took part in the selfie plan though and it wasn’t greeted with universal praise from all Mancunians.

The T68 models were originally constructed by Italian firm Firema and introduced in 1991-92 before the fleet was expanded in 1999 by fellow Italians Ansaldo in Naples with the T68A chassis.

The new German and Austrian-built M5000 models, manufactured by Bombardier, were first introduced in 2008 as part of a £64million modernisation and expansion into Rochdale, Oldham and East Didsbury.

An official farewell event is planned for the end of May with details set to be finalised in the next week.

Work on a second city centre line is set to begin in January with a future expansion also planned to connect the city to Manchester Airport.

Image courtesy of Mikey, with thanks

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