The pub is a Manc’s best friend: Mancunians would miss pub twice as much as rest of UK if leaving country

By Matt Davies 

What would you miss most if you were to leave the UK? 

According to a recent poll, a staggering 70% of Mancunians would miss one of Great Britain’s best traditions most – the pub! 

Iconic British pubs topped the list nationally with 36% of people saying they would be sorely missed, but that figure was almost doubled in Manchester. 

Global Visas carried out the poll and Gary Smith, global sales and marketing director, was not surprised that pubs were so popular. 

“We may not have the warmest weather in the world, but we sure know how to pour the perfect pint,” he said.

“No wonder the UK is a top destination for people looking for a new home.”

Among the reasons listed were ‘nowhere has pubs quite like we do in the UK’ and ‘you can’t take pubs with you’ when you travel abroad. 

There are more than 50,000 pubs in the UK and they are often seen as the ideal location for an after work pint, a casual Sunday lunch of a full-blown night out. 

Lee Le Clercq, the regional secretary for the British Beer and Pub Association was glad to see a part of British history and tradition recognised in the eyes of the public. 

“It’s not surprising, the pub is a British icon and has been for hundreds of years,” he said. 

“It’s a great place to socialise, they serve many great British beers and many pubs have a lot to offer on top of that.”

Morning cups of tea was the second most missed item in the eyes of Mancunians, with 10% saying they would miss an early morning brew. 

Mr Le Clercq felt residents of the city had made the right choice, adding: “A cuppa in the morning and a pint of beer at night, what more can you ask for?”

Fashion, TV and football completed the top five on the list. 

Global Visas are responsible for providing people worldwide with international visas, relocation and immigration services. 

In the first quarter of 2013 they received 321, 418 requests for visas as people look to escape the poor weather in Great Britain. 

They also said the UK is the third most popular destination that people want to emigrate to, behind Canada and Australia – so maybe Britain really is serving up the best opportunities.

Picture courtesy of Simon Cocks, with thanks.

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