Cyclist thrown off bike during morning rush hour outside Deansgate Locks

A cyclist was thrown off his bike in a collision at the busy junction near Deansgate Locks during this morning’s commute.

Emergency services were seen treating the victim, who appeared to be conscious at the time, outside the Hacienda Apartments during the Monday morning rush hour.  

A concerned commuter, who passed by as the ambulance was arriving, said: “It was an incredibly traumatic scene.

“It’s just not what you expect when you’re walking to work in the morning. How awful!

“People gathered round this limp man trying to make sure he was in the recovery position and his bike strewn across the road ahead.

“I think the bike had been propelled further down the road by the car, which had obviously pulled over in a panic straight after the crash, because it was metres ahead.

“Thank goodness that wasn’t him.

The accident is thought to have taken place around 8.20am at the junction between Witworth Street West and Deansgate.

Commuters were also seen attending to the cyclist before paramedics arrived. 

The woman, who wished not to be named, said: “There was another bike down on the pavement ahead too.

“Maybe a friend was cycling with him? I can’t even imagine what it must have been like. I do hope he is okay.

“The paramedics seemed to be at the scene in a flash, talking to him and checking his responses.

“With their help and everyone who rushed over to do their bit too, let’s hope he makes a full recover as soon as possible!”

It is not yet known if anyone else was injured in the collision. 

Image courtesy of Google IMaps, with thanks.

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