Guitars on the beach: Manchester dad to rock out at ‘biggest band’ UK record attempt

By Suraj Radia

A guitar-mad dad will travel 300 miles from Manchester to Lyme Regis to take part in one of the biggest band performances ever.

On September 7 this year, Guitars On The Beach hope to break a UK record for the number of guitarists to play a song simultaneously.

For Yorkshire-born Dominic Valente, 45, it is an opportunity to go back down south and visit daughter Hannah, 13, having returned to Manchester to work, 25 years after leaving university here.

He said: “I started learning guitar four years ago to keep pace with my daughter who started at primary school. She’s since stopped and I’ve carried on, albeit intermittently.

“Much has changed here over the last 25 years and the vibrancy of the music scene, if anything, has improved and inspired me to keep practicing.

“Seeing this world record event advertised has given me a new motivation, and has encouraged my daughter to pick up her guitar and have another go.

“So for me, this is an opportunity to have fun, play in a band, have some father-daughter bonding time and be part of something truly special.”

The event’s date coincides with the birthday of Buddy Holly and fittingly, the 2000-strong band – led by West End star Billy Geraghty – will play the rockstar’s famous classic Rave On – at least, famous to some people.

“I signed Hannah up without asking as the places seemed to go really quickly, but when I did ask she was quite excited,” Dominic said.

“She’s spoken to her friends at school and they think it’s really cool and exciting to be in the record attempt, but they don’t really know who Buddy Holly is!”

Geoff Baker, organiser of Guitars On The Beach, said people like Dominic can help make the event ‘truly historic’ with their huge dedication.

He said: “I think what is wonderful about people like Dominic coming from Manchester to take part is, not only their inspiring commitment to something that is happening 300 miles away, but that their commitment shows we’re touching a pulse that beats nationally.

“Everyone wants to be in a band, maybe just the once and if it is just the once then when not be part of Britain’s biggest-ever band.

“Manchester’s key part in the boom and creativity of rock and roll over the past 50 years has been immeasurable, who can count its great influence?

“So much top music has come out of Manchester, it must be in the air up there, and if Guitars On The Beach can get just a little scent of that spirit to inspire us, push us on and keep us in key then we in the West are proud to have such respected tradition onboard.”

To take part in the event on September 7, visit and register your interest.

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