Feline fine? How the country’s favourite cat cafés are coping with coronavirus

Cat cafés, which act as the home to furry felines and welcome visitors to come and joyfully interact with them, have had to adapt quickly under the lockdown. Three such cafés across the country share with MM how they are enduring the most challenging hurdle businesses have had to face in recent times – and just how their residents are feeling about it all.

The real issue locked in the women’s prison system

Two Government reports – the Corston Report in 2007 and the Ministry of Justice Female Offender Strategy in 2018 – have revealed that short-term custodial sentences do not work for women. 73% of women sentenced to less than a year reoffend. Despite this the number of short sentences have risen according to the charity Women in Prison. Mancunian Matters spoke to three women on the issues surrounding female sentencing.