Artificial ‘evening’ legs, a pound of pig’s liver and goldfish in cereal bowls… the bizarre items left at Manchester hotel

By David Keane

An artificial ‘evening’ leg, a goldfish in a cereal bowl and a pound of pig’s liver – these are just a few of the bizarre items left behind at a Manchester hotel.

A whole array of weird and wonderful items that hotel staff at The Macdonald Manchester Hotel and Spa have discovered once guests vacate their rooms.

And possibly even stranger are some of the wacky room service requests – including a celebrity who feared the colour red and needed it all removed from their room.

Another guest meticulously planned a five-day feeding menu for their cat, and requested hotel staff to follow it to the letter.

The goldfish discovered in a cereal bowl has now been adopted by one of the linen porters and renamed Special K.

Meanwhile, most of the eight sets of false teeth, a glass eye, microwaves and eclectic range of fancy dress costumes have been reunited with their forgetful owners.

Sue Hough, Executive Head Housekeeper for the hotel, said: “It’s been a busy few months for our lost property department with such a strange and interesting list of objects found.

“The uniqueness of the products left behind just goes to show that customers are bringing a myriad of items away with them, perhaps to create a home from home whilst away for business or leisure.”

The artificial ‘going out leg’ was found complete with the accompanying shoe after a weekend away for its one-legged owner – who managed to leave without it.

Meanwhile, the same superstitious star who hated the colour red also requested that everything in their room be in easy reach of the bed or dining chair in their suite.

It was said that the unnamed celebrity hated moving unnecessarily almost as much as anything red!

One forgetful guest managed to make it all the way home to Ireland with an empty suitcase – before realising it was empty and he had left all of his belongings.

 “It’s nice to see customers feeling so comfortable at our hotels that they can make such an eclectic range of room service requests,” said Sue.

“We have a team of diligent staff who go the extra mile to deliver standout quality service to all guests, no matter what the request.”

And you’re still wondering about the pig’s liver? It turned out to be someone’s secret Santa gift and was collected later the same day, so hopefully the lucky recipient still got their bloody present.

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Goldfish picture courtesy of LBTCStock, with thanks.

Glass eye picture courtesy of Glasseyes View, with thanks.

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