New kid on the BLOK, coming soon…

September marks a second chance at a new year, so they say.

The summer is drawing to an end; the new school year is about to start, and people will quickly be taking the opportunity to renew their 2019 new years’ resolutions and start afresh.

So, what not a better way to a ‘new year, new me’ by burning away those few excess summer calories with the new BLOK Manchester.

Let’s face it, we were all partial to an ice-lolly (or five) when the sun decided to shine and it’s probably about time we get back to the gym.

BLOK Manchester is the place to go. It’s a London based boutique gym which combines an explosion of fitness, fashion, art and design all under one roof.

It is set to open in Ducie Street Warehouse this coming month in the grade II listed Victorian building just behind Piccadilly. It is the third BLOK site, and the first one to be located outside of the capital.

Co-founder of BLOK, Reema Stanbury said: “Manchester was a natural choice for the third Blok. We are drawn to creative hubs and Manchester, especially the Northern Quarter, has a thriving and growing creative community.”

The fashionable addition is promised not only to fit right in with our trendy Northern Quarter vibe but leave you breathless with its hardcore sessions.


Rather than being your straightforward gym, BLOK offers a selection of intense classes to pick from and attend. The selection at hand includes 25 different class types with over 180 lessons per week in three bespoke studios.

Now, these aren’t just your normal abs, bums and tums classes.

BLOK Manchester is set to mirror the two BLOK London sites – in Clapton and Shoreditch – and treat you to some extraordinary functional fitness workout routines which are said to ‘promote a sustainable, balanced and multidisciplinary approach to fitness.’ 

Among dance, cardio, boxing and barre you’ll find some unique and out of the box workouts which promote using your own body and body weight rather that machinery and equipment. These including Animal Movement, Dynamic Vinyasa, Power Yoga and BLOKbreath.

There are also BLOKfit classes where you can craft out your own workout with the help of the trainers, and BLOKsculpt which covers a full-body workout.

“Our goal has always been to create more than just a gym and for every Blok site to be a genuine destination.”

The Ducie Street warehouse site also consists of a restaurant from London’s Bistrotheque, a mini cinema, coffee shop and workspace.

You can book classes and find more information on the BLOK website

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