‘Going the extra mile’: Foodinate + Balance Meals team up to feed the needy

An award-winning Manchester social enterprise which feeds those in need has, for the first time, partnered with a health-food home delivery service.

Balance Meals is the latest of 17 Manchester-based businesses to partner with Foodinate, which enables customers at participating restaurants to donate a hot meal by choosing meals marked with the ‘Foodinate’ symbol.

Balance Meals’ four Foodinate options cover breakfast, lunch and dinner, meaning customers can in principle donate three meals a day to someone in their local community from their own home – at no extra cost to them.

It is a privilege to work with Balance Meals to make a difference together, said Foodinate founder Caroline Stevenson.

“They are putting their heart and soul into going the extra mile for their customers and their communities.”

Since it was formed in 2016, the social enterprise has won ten enterprise awards, and in June 2019 provided its 100,000th meal to someone in need.

It is a “simple, scalable and sustainable way” of helping some of the 13 million people living below the poverty line in the UK.

“It is about creating a simple, direct route for members of the community to help local people in need, just by going out to eat as they normally would,” said Ms. Stevenson.

“It’s all about the power of consumer choice, and making the choice to make a difference.”

The not-for-profit organisation is partnered with 11 restaurants and six event venues in Manchester, including The Alchemist, Proove Pizza and Crazy Pedros, and impacts a further 12 cities across the UK.

Larger venues such as Hotel Football are becoming ‘fully Foodinated’, meaning a meal is donated for every person attending an event.

Ms. Stevenson (pictured below) is looking for further partnerships, and is asking interested hospitality and events venues to get in touch with her directly.

She can be reached on [email protected].

Images courtesy of Foodinate with thanks.

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