CAGED: Serial child rapist found living in squalor with new Stockport family jailed after 11 years on the run

By Marios Papaloizou

A serial rapist, who subjected two young schoolgirls one as young as five to several sexual assaults, has been brought to justice after 11 years on the run.

Gary Parkin, 47, was jailed for 20 years after being found guilty of eight rapes, one attempted rape, two indecent assaults, and child neglect following a trial at Manchester Crown Court.

Parkin was found living in squalor with a new family at an address on Thomas Street, Stockport living under the false name of Steven Ellis.

Detective Sergeant Joanne Kay described Parkin’s abuse as ‘so harrowing that at times during the trial, it reduced some jury members to tears’.

She said: “That tells its own story of the horrific and predatory crimes this man committed against two young girls.” 

Parkin was originally arrested and charged with child abduction in June 2001 after taking a 12-year-old girl to a hotel.

However, he failed to appear in court and went on the run.

After extensive searches police received intelligence that Parkin, living under an assumed name, was in the Stockport area and they executed a warrant in March 2012 – 11 years after Parkin absconded.

After Parkin’s arrest police informed the original victim of the abduction who then disclosed numerous occasions stretching back to the early 1990s when Parkin raped her; some of these were when she was just five years old.

After extensive enquiries the investigating officer, Detective Constable Karen Evans, found another woman who had also been raped by Parkin when she was younger.

D.S Kay moved to praise D.C Evans for her role in capturing and prosecuting Parkin: “Thanks to the tenacity of the investigating officer, DC Karen Evans, Parkin has nowhere left to hide and is now starting a 20-year jail sentence which is no more than he deserves for what he has done.”

“What this case shows is that no matter how long it takes, Greater Manchester Police will continue to pursue sexual offenders with determination until they are caught.”

“Whether it is a year, 11 years or 20 years, we will not rest while we know people like Parkin are on the run.”

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