What to expect from the Conservative Party conference memorabilia shop

There are several reasons why someone may be interested in visiting Manchester for this year’s Conservative Party Conference.

One may be that you are an avid Tory willing to digest and devour every speech, workshop, and networking opportunity thrown your way.

Another may be that you are a curious outsider, seeking the intrigue of political ongoings or an opportunity to lobby your cause to the present heart of power.

However, a more compelling reason may be a fervent desire to get your hands on the memorabilia available to anyone popping in to the North West.

Here are some of Mancunian Matters’ favourite picks:

Conservative Party Shop

Sir Keir Starmer Flip Flops

First on the list is new arrival, Sir Keir Starmer flip flops.

Turning political insults into fashion is a tough task for anyone, but the Tories have seemingly mastered the art in this instance.

Following Conservative Party Chairman Greg Hands’ advertisement of these bad boys whilst talking to the conference this year, such footwear is a must have for any budding sun seekers.

Nevertheless, the £16.99 cost may make the case for the halving of inflation in itself.

Conservative Party Shop

‘No, No, No’ Margaret Thatcher Christmas jumper

For some, any mention of Christmas may be cause for dismay, especially when considering that parliament’s summer recess has only just concluded.

Yet, for those realists among us, it is evident that there are only 13 weeks left until the big day comes around.

The case in favour of festive preparation, therefore, is made – especially if fiscal responsibility is to be desired.

How better to do so than to splash out £24.95 for this dazzling Margaret Thatcher jumper?

It is simply the best way to say ‘No, No, No’ to any last minute, Christmas Eve purchases.

Conservative Party Shop

‘This food is not for burning’ cooking apron

Are you struggling to maintain the cooking standards demanded by the ‘Corridors of Flour’ cookbook, and seeking motivation to improve?

If so, look no further than this luxurious item of kitchenware, designed by Sunday People political cartoonist Paul Thatcher.

In a spin on the Iron Lady’s famous phrase “the lady’s not for turning” – said during the Conservative Party’s annual conference in 1980 – this apron will aim to marshal your cooking space and help you seek self-improvement in the oven.

For a fee of £19.95 it will make the rich poorer, but not without good reason.

Conservative Party Shop

‘Labour’s Plan for the Country’ notebook

Last, but certainly not least, is another jab at the Tories’ main parliamentary opposition – in the form of a notebook.

According to the item’s description, the Labour Party’s manifesto has been leaked in its entirety – presented starkly as 200 blank pages on which to scribble your own policies and speeches.

This book, as a result, is a must have for any Conservatives – young and old – looking to get one over their ‘Lefty’ colleagues.

Selling as a new arrival in the Tory shop stockpile at a measly £13.99, it is ideal for taking down names, numbers, key speeches and more while the Party’s in town.

Featured image credit: Conservative Party Shop

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