Insulate Britain protesters target Manchester Airport causing traffic disruption

Protesters have brought traffic to a stop this morning after sitting on the floor of junction 6 of the M56 near Manchester airport. 

The group of protesters have been sitting in the middle of the road near a set of traffic lights since 9 o’clock this morning. 

It has been reported that around 12 protesters are involved in this protest and have been successful in blocking the M56. 

Insulate Britain said around 60 people are disrupting traffic in Manchester, London, and Birmingham, reported ITV news. 

Reporters at the scene photographed the protesters holding banners and refusing to get up off the floor. 

Some protesters glued themselves to the ground, emergency services were called to help resolve this problem, Chorley Guardian reports. 

The GMP police said that the protesters are causing delays for people heading to Manchester Airport this morning. 

A GMP spokesman said: “We’re aware and currently responding to protesters gathered on Wilmslow Road.

“Close to Manchester airport, officers are working at the scene to minimise disruption.”

GMP also confirmed that delays are expected while they deal with the incident. 

They have also asked people travelling to avoid this area, if possible while they remove the protesters off the road. 

A spokesman for Manchester Airport said: “There is no impact on our operations.

“But those planning to travel to the airport should take account of this ahead of their journey.”

The Independent managed to get Mayor Andy Burnham’s opinion on the incident. 

Burnham said: “I can’t see how this type of protest does anything other than alienate people from the climate cause.”

The Insulate Britain protests started on the 13th September with 161 people taking part in the road block campaigns. 

Since then, there have been 770 arrests excluding todays protests. 

Some protesters have been arrested twice, but despite this they have continued to protest. 

The incident is ongoing, however GMP announced that traffic is moving, and they have ensured access to the M56 and airport. 

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