Salford Council splash extra £545,000 on cleaning city’s parks and streets

Salford City Council will be spending an additional £545,000 on cleaning the city’s streets and parks after being urged to act from public feedback.

Mayor Paul Dennett asked constituents how they would like town hall money to be spent, with 800 people requesting it be used for green space, pavements and cleaner lanes.

It’s now revealed that £300,000 of the budget will go towards an additional 13 cleaning staff and £245,000 will be used on Streetscene vehicles tending to the area.

All in all, the council spends over £1.25million each year on disposing of 3,500 tonnes of litter collected from public areas.

Mayor Dennett said: “If all of us in Salford took responsibility for our rubbish we could save a considerable amount of money.

“We spend so much money cleaning up as a small minority of people think it is acceptable to drop litter.”

The council is encouraging the public to take part in The Great British Spring Clean held until Sunday, March 5.

The scheme, in which families, friends and neighbours from around the country clear up rubbish, aims to get 500,000 people outdoors, active and keeping their streets clean.

In Salford, residents from 50 different communities are preparing to make a dent and improve the local area.

The Lead Member for Environment and Community Safety, David Lancaster, said: “It is fantastic that community groups, partners, churches and schools have organised their own mini events in the city.

“We care about keeping our city clean and tidy and it is great to see that our proud Salfordians feel the same – they are the true Spirit of Salford.”

According to Salford City Council, plastic products can last indefinitely with items such as carrier bags lasting from 10 to 20 years.

As well, aluminium items can last between 80 to 100 years.

Even biodegradable materials such as fruit peelings and cigarette butts can last a few years.

Image courtesy of Robert Walker via Flickr, with thanks.

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