Twitter discuss birds and bees after raunchy Piccadilly Gardens phone-box scandal

A raunchy moment in Piccadilly Gardens early this morning led to a 999 call to Police, and got Twitter in a fluster, when a couple were spotted having sex in a phone box.

The couple had left when Police arrived on the scene, but it wasn’t fast enough to avoid the ever watchful eye of Twitter.

Rather than comment on the couple’s antics, one Twitter user responded with shock that phone boxes were even still around after Greater Manchester Police broke the news.

The user, named Debbie, tweeted: “No way…we still have telephone boxes?!”

GMP showed they had a sense humour by replying: “Insp S – not sure people still know what they’re for.

“I’ve had to show teenagers how to use the phone in one”

Debbie later added: “I can believe that…my teenager thinks a telephone box is where Dr.Who lives!”

Others were surprised the incident was attended with such urgency, and one Tweeter felt the culprits had already suffered for their crime.

Paul Merryman compared the exposure to the walk of shame, while Lima Coulton Tweeted: “I really hope someone didn’t ring 999 to report that…” 

One Twitter user was a little more understanding than the rest, whilst others couldn’t help but crack a smile at the news

However users responded there is one thing they may agree on; maybe wait until you’re home next time. 

Original image courtesy of Face For Business, with thanks.

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