University of Manchester claims top 10 spot in UK’s most ‘instagrammable’ institutions

The University of Manchester has been named the sixth most ‘instagrammable’ university, a new study has revealed.

Experts from VPNOverview analysed the amount of times that the UK’s top 100 universities appeared as hashtags on public Instagram posts.

The University of Cambridge came out on top, with a total of 184,963 hashtags. Many of the top posts featured captivating photos of campus buildings and the surrounding city.


The most #Instagrammable universities have been revealed 📸 how does #Manchester rank? 🐝

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In second place came the University of Oxford with just over 163,445 hastagged posts. Again, the majority of shots taken featured the world-famous historical architecture, the grounds, and the remainder of Oxford.

Coventry University tagged close behind in third with 161,000, followed by the University of Birmingham, and the University of Glasgow. The University of Manchester, which boasts alunmni such as Ernest Rutherford, Alan Turing, Beatrice Shilling, and Brian Cox, slid into sixth place, with nearly 130,000 hashtags.

The UoM’s ranking is an improvement from a few years ago, when a similar study by theknowledgeacademy placed Manchester in 11th place, trailing at the University of Exeter’s heels with over 78,000 hashtags.

The universtities’ Wellbeing and Liberation Offers Aisha Akram said: “The University of Manchester is home to thousands of students, who not only respect the academic integrity of the institution but also appreciate the aesthetic nature of the university.”

She added: “This is true for both students who arrive at the university and students who have just graduated – both sets of students admire how aesthetic this archway is and always use it as a backdrop for their photos.”

A spokesperson for VPNOverview said: “While prospective students often apply for universities based on their academic reputation, the visual appeal of the buildings and campus also play an important role in creating an enjoyable university experience.”

Image credit: Faye Price

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