No gravity? I’d still fall for you! Manchester MOSI explore science of sex

What’s all about chemistry, taught in biology, but most fun when you actually get physics-al? It’s the Science of Sex and it’s coming (wink wink) to Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry next week.

The March 11 event, part of Wellcome Collection’s nationwide Sexology Season, promises to be a real sexperience offering a variety of talks and some more hands-on activities – and all for free.

Wooing you first will be love doctors Dr Nikhil Masters from the University of Manchester and Dr Jeroen Nieboer of LSE with some ‘speed dating with a scientific twist’.

Another activity to get you in the mood will be Sex Food – a discussion on which foods, if any, makes us horny – where attendees will get to sample some supposed aphrodisiacs, from figs to chocolate, to discover what turns them on.

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Next up is a chance to get creative and visually stimulated by making your own ‘calling card’ or Kama Sutra inspired artwork with Salford screen printing company one69a.

Fancy some (dirty) talk? This night’s got plenty!

Pole dancing, feminism and physics will intertwine during the Spinny Science lecture presented by Dr Matt Mears from Sheffield University and Dr Katayune Presland of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

While the Science of Sex will focus on the biology behind the desire to get into someone’s genes and, of course, what happens after.

Host Simon Watt will be asking, ‘Why do we fancy each other? Why do we then cheat or get jealous? And, perhaps most important of all, does love really exist?’.

We’ve all fancied the weather lady and now she’s here to talk sex!

TV forecast presenter Clare Nasir will be chatting toDurham University’s Dr Jamie F Lawson about the definitions of sex and to University of Manchester’s Dr Tommy Dickinson about his book ‘Curing Queers’ Mental Nurses and Their Patients 1935-74.

There will also be a Wall of Sex where visitors can submit their answers and thoughts on sex and sexology questions, either anonymously or not.

Wellcome Collection’s nationwide Sexology Season, which aims to explore how we perceive sex, what we know about sex and how research into these areas affects our sexual behaviour.

The Museum of Science and Industry event, part of the Let’s Talk About Sex series, is free to attend as the speed dating has now sold out.

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