‘We want them to have a successful life’: Headteacher aiming high as Ofsted praise failing Oldham school

The executive principle of an Oldham school deemed inadequate by Ofsted is aiming high after the education watchdog commended his leadership.

Waterhead Academy is currently in special measures after previous reports of inconsistencies in the quality of teachers’ classroom practice with a number of teachers using a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

However, rapid improvements are now being put into place by executive principle James Haseldine who has generated a learning environment which celebrates their pupil’s success.

Mr Haseldine told MM: “We’ll stop at nothing to do the best for our students at Waterhead Academy and make sure they continue to strive and develop into the fantastic human beings that we want them to be.

“We want them to have a successful life, that’s the aim.

“At this time of year there is a huge focus on year 11 and making sure they are fully prepared with the best possible teaching and giving that feel good factor about approaching the final exams and making sure that they’re up for the challenge and best prepared.”

The executive principal has made strategic changes within the roles and responsibilities of the senior leadership team and has quickly set up a stronger teaching system.

And pupils have responded well to a more engaging teaching style which has improved with a strong performance management.

“The big piece that we’re doing at the moment is that learning is meant to be hard and we have challenged our teachers to make learning harder,” he said.

“We were actually very clear at that time with staff on what the expectations were, what we wanted people to do, the responsibilities and roles.

“We painted a picture of what actually needed to be done here very, very quickly.”

Mr Haseldine has also worked hard to improve the children’s behaviour and to introduce positive learning habits.

Through Ofsted’s online questionnaire Parent View, parents have agreed that the pupils are happier and safer within the school. 

The aim now for Mr Haseldine is to steer the school out of special measures, with his aim to achieve that before the end of summer.


Image courtesy of Google Maps, with thanks

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