‘Devastated’ Manchester mum leading the fight against Museum of Science and Industry closure

By Kim Richards

A Manchester mum has taken matters into her own hands in a bid to prevent the proposed closure of the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI).

The shock decision to close the museum is down to funding cuts, and was met with anger and disgust by residents and councillors alike when the news was released.

Sophie Lee-Manford, from Stretford, founded the Facebook group ‘Save the Museum of Science and Industry’ as a way to encourage residents to get involved.

“My children absolutely love visiting MOSI, especially the Experiment section and they love looking at the airplanes,” she said.

“It is one of the few places left to visit that is suitable for everyone from babies to older people.

“Unlike some tourist attractions, MOSI is free which means that everybody can visit. In the current financial climate, this means that it is accessible to everyone, not just those who can afford to go on expensive days out.

“It is definitely one of the best tourist attractions in Manchester, possibly one of the best in the UK.

“If the museum was to be closed down, I feel that the people of Manchester would be being a served a great injustice. I for one would be devastated if MOSI was closed!”

The proposal was met by further disgust from residents, many of whom have grown up visiting the museum.

Fellow campaigner Sarah Parry said: “It will be such a shame if the museum closes future generations of children will be missing out on a fantastic attraction that is accessible and pocket friendly.”

The plans to close Manchester’s most popular visitor attraction are being considered by the National Science Museum Group who blame the proposal on ‘balancing the books’.

A statement from Science Museum Group said: “The Science Museum Group has to address a large projected operating deficit from 2014 onwards and is assessing a range of options to address this situation.

“Despite making significant cost reductions across the Group, we are still faced with a significant annual deficit in 2014/15 and beyond because of cuts in Grant in Aid.

“The Science Museum Group is assessing a range of ways to balance the books and to ensure that we continue to care for our collections and maintain our role in inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers.”

Picture courtesy of no22a, with thanks.

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