Weird World: Chicago man accused of sexual relations with pit bull (a dog, not the rapper)

By Kim Richards

They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but one Chicago man gave puppy love a new meaning last weekend when he was arrested for allegedly having sex with a pit bull.

Gerardo Perez was charged with a felony after being caught-out canoodling with the pooch while on a tour of the Chicago Animal Care and Control Facility last month, according to police. 

Prosecutors said staff at the shelter, which cares for homeless dogs, had already asked Perez to leave the restricted area where the dog was kept before making the discovery.

Sources then said the 50-year-old was found on his hands and knees in the cage with the grey and white pup, and appeared to have just practiced some ‘doggy style’ moves.

He was then thought to have made incriminatory statements about his act to volunteers before leaving the pound in a hurry.

The man was arrested at his home last Friday charged with burglary with an $80,000 bail-out cost put in place over the weekend.

This follows two other separate reports of ‘dog fondling’ incidents across America in the past three months, with both a woman and a man arrested for the same discretion.

Story originally reported by NBC Chicago

Picture courtesy of gr8dnes via Flickr, with thanks

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