Andy Burnham lashes out at ‘desperate acts of a dying government’ as HS2 derailed

Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham and the leader of the Manchester City Council Bev Craig held a rally to urge Rishi Sunak to not go through with cancelling HS2.

This comes after a series of articles that have been questioning the government’s commitment to the high-speed rail.

The railway was set to connect London and Manchester, via Birmingham.

Burnham, Craig, along with Manchester’s Labour councillors held a rally outside the Central Library last night to urge PM Sunak to not go through with this decision.

Burnham said cancelling HS2 is “disrespectful to the people of Manchester” making all the North “Second-class citizens”.

He said: “This is the act of a dying government.”

It is expected PM Sunak’s speech today (October 4) will announce the cancellation of the high-speed rail link.

Craig said: “We’re standing here 14 hours before the PM is rumoured to make a speech about HS2 urging him to think again.

“Our city has been let down again.”

The Conservative Party Conference was taking place a stone’s throw away from this rally.

Burnham had been noticed entering the conference on October 1.

He added: “They (The Conservative Party) won’t forget this moment. They won’t forget how Manchester was treated in this moment when we welcomed this party into our city.

“Is this any way to tread the city of Manchester?”

Featured Image: Shikhar Talwar

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