New clinic aims to help Greater Manchester residents struggling with gambling harms

A new clinic has opened up aimed at providing support for Greater Manchester residents experiencing the negative effects of gambling.

The clinic, which opened its doors on April 14, is located at Change Grow Live’s Phoenix Mill site in Central Manchester and offers free and confidential support for those that have been impacted by gambling harms.

The new clinic is being supplied as part of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) gambling harms reduction programme.

GMCA is bringing together partners from across the 10 localities in Greater Manchester as part of an innovative public service reform and population health agenda to prevent and reduce gambling-related harms in our communities.

GMCA is working with Manchester City Council, Change Grow Live, Beacon Counselling Trust and NHS Northern Gambling Service to provide help for people experiencing gambling problems.

The Director of Public Health in Manchester City Council, David Regan, said: “By working together we can provide the right support for our residents.

“Gambling harms can be an overlooked issue, but one in 15 people in Greater Manchester experience the harmful impacts of gambling.

“This new clinic is an important step forward in supporting residents and I would like to encourage anyone who thinks they might need help to access the services available.”

Gambling is often labelled as a hidden issue, but one that can have serious consequences for finances, relationships, and health.

According to the Beacon Counselling Trust’s website, gambling becomes a problem when it begins to impact your mental or physical health, work or school, finances, reputation or your relationships.

The website also states more than 20% of the population are affected by issues related to gambling, and between 340,000 and 1.4 million adults in the UK are currently experiencing severe gambling-related harms.

Including the number of people who are at risk of forming a gambling problem – or those affected by other people’s gambling – the Beacon Counselling Trust say that this figure can likely be multiplied by 10.

The Treatment Manager at Beacon Counselling Trust, Lauren Campbell, said: “We recognise the importance of individuals receiving the right support at the right time, which is why we are proud to work alongside other services to ensure each treatment pathway is tailored to the individual’s needs.

“We offer free and confidential treatment to individuals at risk of, or experiencing, gambling-related harms, including their affected family, friends, and partners, and by working within the Greater Manchester Clinic, we are able to link up with other organisations to offer smooth and efficient referrals across other support services when necessary.”

To access this service, Greater Manchester residents can self-refer by visiting, call 0151 226 0696 or email [email protected]

Otherwise, people are encouraged to discuss their needs with a professional, such as a GP or caseworker who can make sure they get the right support.

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