Manchester City Council elections: Lib Dems and Greens gain seats as Labour dominate

Labour has retained its overwhelming control of Manchester City Council.

The party is down three but still controls 88 out of 96 seats on the council.

The Liberal Democrats won two seats in Didsbury West and Ancoats and Beswick.

The Green Party also won a seat in Woodhouse Park.

Manchester City Council Leader Bev Craig spoke to Mancunian Matters about the results and what they mean for Manchester and the Labour Party.

“For us it’s been a great result. We are still the largest Labour group in the country.

“Eighty-eight out of 96 is a significant, massive result for the Labour Party and we’ll continue to build on that.”

We also asked Craig about the controversial new voter ID laws.

She said: “I’ve got and have always had serious concerns about voter ID. We know people didn’t vote and were turned away because they didn’t have ID.

“This is a Tory-led policy and the Electoral Commission need to publish their figures and look at the policy so people aren’t disenfranchised in the general election.”


We spoke to Bev Craig, current leader of #Manchester city council about today’s results #ukpolitics #manchester #politics

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We also spoke to the new Liberal Democrat councillor for Didsbury West, Richard Kilpatrick.

He said: “Didsbury West is where I live and is my community. I’ve represented it before and I’ve never given up.

“If you speak to someone in Didsbury West I’ve probably spoken to them, so I just want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for really appreciating the work John Leech and I do.”


We caught up with the #LibDem candidate who was victorious in the Didsbury West election #ukpolitics

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Meanwhile the Greens took full control of a ward for the first time in Manchester City Council history.

We interviewed their new councillor Anastasia Wiest about what Manchester can expect from the Greens over the next few years.


We spoke to Anastasia Wiest, the new #Green councillor for Woodhouse Park #ukpolitics #manchester

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History was made in Ancoats and Beswick as the first trans councillor in Manchester City Council history was elected.

New council make-up:

Labour: 88 (-3)
Lib Dems: 4 (+2)
Green Party: 4 (+1)

You can find the full results for Manchester City Council here.

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