Litter and fly-tipping cause problems in the Northern Quarter

Issues with fly-tipping in the Northern Quarter are causing businesses to complain about the repulsive state of the side streets.

Little Lever Street, which is next to Stevenson Square, is a hotspot for drinkers in Manchester as it houses many independent bars.

However, this had led to numerous complaints and a general feeling of dissatisfaction among businesses with the current condition of the streets in the Northern Quarter.

Each business is ordered to dump their rubbish bags on to the pavement for the council to pick up.

Yet they say this exacerbates the issue as it makes the streets look filthy, with pedestrians having to overlook and step beyond full bin liners.

The £400 fixed penalty for fly-tipping isn’t seeming to deter people from dumping their rubbish on to the streets.

Even the bins across the Northern Quarter don’t seem sufficient enough for people to bin their waste and keep the streets clean.

Businesses have shared their opinions on FixMyStreet, where they’ve had to experience poo, broken glass, and hundreds of cigarette butts on their doorstep.

With another report quantifying the severity that it deserves a complaint every week.

Manchester has approximately 1.1 million tons of waste and recycling each year from over a million households, with only 47% of that being recycled in 2017.

Nike Reinemann works on Little Lever Street and said: “In particular, on the side streets, you can tell that the council is not doing enough to keep Manchester clean.”

Reinemann believes the issue continues beyond the Northern Quarter and into the city centre.

She said: “It’s not pleasant and it doesn’t feel clean as a city.”

Questions are being raised over the cost effectiveness of council tax.

One individual on FixMyStreet said they: “Feel like refusing to pay rates.”

Reinemann said: “It would be so helpful to know where your money’s going because you pay so much.”

They are hoping to work with the council to share their proposals and learn more about their waste management strategies in a bid to solve the problem. 

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