Little Things! Bolton micro-artist leads way with magnify-cent pencil carving of One Direction favourite Harry Styles

By Jess Galley

All these little things! One Direction fans will need good eyesight to appreciate this magnify-cent model of Harry Styles carved into a pencil tip.

Micro-artist Hedley Wiggan, from Bolton, Greater Manchester, has really hit the note after spending a painstaking THREE WEEKS hand-carving the miniscule version of heartthrob Styles.

The tiny masterpiece was meticulously engraved into the pencil’s lead point using handmade tools such as pins, drill bits and cocktail sticks.

The 48-year-old artist was commissioned to do the work by a Harry Styles fan page and hasn’t ruled out carving the remaining four members of the popular boy band.

LEAD BELLY: Pencil carving of heartthrob Harry Styles (Mercury Press)

The microscopic singer is complete with his usual big, curly hair-do, skinny jeans and wearing a blazer.

Hedley said: “Harry took a bit longer to finish than some of the other carvings I have done because of his trademark drainpipe trousers.

“I had to make sure I got his legs right, and to copy his trademark stance – with his hands behind his back – I needed to create a gap between his legs which was tricky.

“I’m really pleased with how it has turned out actually, I got some great detail on the jacket and think I mastered his hair.”

Hedley, who works part time as a nurse at Wigan Infirmary, spends hours working with a microscope and magnifying glass to make sure he has every detail covered.

He has paid tribute to some of the world’s most famous faces, including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, the Queen and even the London 2012 Olympic torch.

FAB FOUR: John, Paul, George and Ringo (Mercury Press)

Hedley added: “I started doing these pieces by accident – I was sharpening a pencil and I realised it looked like a tiny hand.

QUEEN OF THE LEADLINGS! Her Majesty Elizabeth II (Mercury Press)

“So I thought I would start carving them, as it was something completely new and different to try.

KEEP ROLLING: The immortal Keith Richards (Mercury Press)

“When I started, it would take me up to six weeks to complete one figure. But I soon got that down to five and now it only takes two or three.

LIGHT MY FIRE: The infamous Olympic torch (Mercury Press)

“I am a perfectionist so I like to do the carvings all in one go, on the one piece of lead. But they are so fragile that one wrong move could ruin it and you have to glue the pieces together or start all over again.

LEAD-ING THE WAY! The Rolling Stones (Mercury Press)

“It has gone from strength to strength and I have sold pieces to buyers in different countries. I do get a lot of commissions to create carvings of people’s favourite celebrities and icons.”

Hedley also creates micro-sculptures using cocktail stick as well as being a successful painter – selling more than 200 of his paintings to date.

Story and pictures via Mercury Press and Media

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