MM’s front page round-up: From Brexit fishing disputes to a disgruntled former president

It’s a busy day in Manchester, with local and mayoral elections taking place across the region.

You might not have time to pick up a newspaper today, so here’s MM’s rundown of what the front pages look like.

Metro leads with the fishing dispute in Jersey, as Boris Johnson sends Royal Navy ships to the area after French fishermen threatened to make a blockade.

Tensions have been fraught since Britains exit from the European Union, with France threatening to cut off Jersey’s electricity over the disputes.

The Times, Daily Telegraph and Daily Express have also focused on the fishing disputes.

The Guardian have the same splash, as well a focus on the rising crisis of cancers being missed and not diagnosed because of lockdown measures.

Sirin Kale covered this for The Guardian earlier in the week in this heartbreaking feature.

The Daily Mail and The Mirror have the same story, with The Mirror also leading with an exclusive on Graham Norton.

They report the veteran chat show host has received more than a £250k pay rise over the past 12 months.

The Sun have a heartbreaking lead on a man stabbed to death after he attempted to help a homeless man being picked on by teenagers.

James Gibbons, 34, was killed in Laingdon, Essex after going to offer the man food from his barbecue.

The Daily Star opt for a less devastating story, focusing on the former president Donald Trump opening a fake Twitter account, reassuring us that he does still believe he’s president.

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