WATCH: ‘CATstravaganza’ returns to Manchester

Manchester played host to nearly 70 cats and hundreds of visitors last weekend, for a feline-filled weekend of fun.

Loving Cats Worldwide hosted an international cat competition, in which felines competed for points to earn titles such as Champion, to Ultimate Grand Champion.

At the Bowlers Exhibition centre, breeders, owners, and cat-lovers got together to celebrate, compete, and share advice around adoption and breeding.

Both pedigree and non-pedigree cats were welcome, making it a fully-inclusive event for all pets, as well as all the family.

As well as competitions, there was CATwalk, which saw owners and breeders parade their cats for hundreds to admire.

Plenty of charities were also in attendance, helping to spread awareness around adoption, and the crisis around rehoming.

Plenty of vendor stalls were also at the event, with an innovative ‘tofu-litter’ being one of the most intriguing products on offer.

Feature Image: Nicole Covell

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