‘He’s gone in the head’: Dale Cregan moves to Ashworth psychiatric hospital following mental health worry

By Danielle Wainwright

Police-killer Dale Cregan has been moved to the mental ward of Ashworth Hospital following his strange behaviour and hunger strike.

The thug, who murdered PC Fiona Bone and PC Nicola Hughes after luring them into a gun and grenade attack last year, was given a whole life sentence at Preston Crown Court at HMP Full Sutton.

However, it is alleged that Cregan’s worrying behaviour has meant that he was admitted to Ashworth which also holds notorious child-killer Ian Brady.

Cregan recently began a hunger strike after being moved from HMP Manchester and has been living in isolation following reports of an underworld bounty for £20,000 to damage Cregan’s working eye.

But a police source said: “His head has gone, he can’t take it anymore, he’s not cocky any more, what a difference in attitude.

“He had not been eating and was in healthcare in prison. He was just lying on his bed 24/7, doesn’t talk to staff.

“He’s not eaten for four weeks, he’s gone in the head.”

Cregan first went on the run days before killing Mark Short in August at the Cotton Tree Pub in Droylsden and gunning down his father David three months later.

Cregan then ambushed the police officers murdering them after luring them into a trap, handing himself into police after the attack.

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