Protestors gather in Manchester to voice opposition of Tory Party

Anti government activists gathered in St Peter’s Square this week to protest against the Conservative Party as they hold their annual conference in Manchester.

There was a large police presence in the area with the demonstration taking place adjacent to the Midland Hotel.

Armed with drums and loudspeakers, the protestors voiced their opposition on policies ranging from abortion, animal welfare and pension equality.

In response to financial hardships caused by the pandemic, the government introduced a temporary £20-a-week uplift to Universal Credit.

With this set to end today (October 6), claimants of the scheme are facing a winter of difficulty and uncertainty.

45-year-old Tony was there to protest the upcoming cut.

Though not benefiting from the scheme himself, Tony was incensed about the detriment to those who are.

He said: “People are getting sanctioned, workers are getting sanctioned.

“The whole thing is an utter disaster.”

Footballer Marcus Rashford, who gained recognition for his support of free school meals also urged the government not to axe the Universal Credit boost.

He made clear that the relaxing of COVID restrictions is not taking the pressure off low-income families.

He said: “The end of furlough, the start of the benefit cut, now is not the time to remove vital relief packages which to many are a lifeline.

“We need long-term solutions, executed well.”

Citizens Advice warned that a third of people claiming Universal Credit will be in debt once the uplift is removed.

As of July, there were almost 760,000 claimants of the scheme in Greater Manchester.

Unless Prime Minister Boris Johnson produces a dramatic U-turn, thousands of Mancunians are facing imminent cuts to their income on the run up to Christmas.

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