Manchester no longer ‘crash for cash’ capital of UK… but still in bottom five

Manchester is no longer the ‘crash for cash’ capital of the UK, according to new figures released today by the UK’s largest insurer.

Aviva revealed Manchester has seen a number of successful prosecutions to combat the problem, which has forced the organised gangs to move their operations elsewhere.

Birmingham steals the unwanted topspot and Luton and North London sneak in above Manchester in second and third place respectively.

However, according to the figures, the number of road accidents deliberately caused in order to claim whiplash compensation is now at the highest ever level nationally.

Tom Gardiner, Head of Claims Fraud for Aviva, said: “Crash for cash is not just a financial problem – it’s a serious social problem. No other form of insurance fraud puts the public at risk of serious injury.

“Imagine you’re driving the kids to school when the car in front slams on their brakes without warning, leaving you no chance of avoiding a crash. These deliberate accidents are on the increase, putting innocent motorists at risk simply so the driver in front can get cash compensation.

“Last year Aviva found these accidents increased by 51%, and they are continuing to grow. Part of the growth is coming as fraudsters are moving away from a small number of “hot spot” locations to a much wider footprint.

“The fight against fraud begins with an effective deterrent. In addition to more prosecutions and stronger sentences, we need to remove the financial incentive for minor whiplash claims like those claimed for by serial crash for cash fraudsters.”

He added: “We are asking the Government to consider compensating short-term whiplash with rehabilitation, instead of cash. Would crash for cash exist if there was no money in it? We don’t think so.”

Image courtesy of Chad NIcholson, with thanks.

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