Anti-bedroom tax campaigners set to descend on court to help Manchester man battle eviction

By Marios Papaloizou

Anti-bedroom tax campaigners will tomorrow descend on a Manchester court in an attempt to stop the repossession of one man’s home after he struggled to cover rent arrears.

Michael Lindsey has lived in his South Manchester home for 12 years but now faces eviction after falling into arrears because of the bedroom tax.

His plight has drawn support from campaigners and neighbours alike all of whom are preparing to lobby the court to rule in his favour.

Michael said: “One of the ‘bedrooms’ they want to charge me extra rent for is really only a box room.

“They want to evict me from my home, but I don’t see why I should be made to leave.”

Michael lives on the Old Moat Estate in South Manchester and Jane Lea is one of his many neighbours backing his fight to keep his home.

“We will not stand by and see him kicked out of his home,” she said.

The Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation for Greater Manchester is one of the organisations backing Michael and its secretary Mark Krantz said that they a history of successfully battling landlords.

“Southways tried to evict a tenant last summer but were forced to back down after we organised a protest and helped with legal representation,” he said.

“The landlords say they oppose the Bedroom Tax but still they are seeking repossession.

“Michael’s is the first court case this year but we know of others coming up this month. We are determined to halt the evictions.”

Labour’s Geoff Smith, who is also Michael’s councillor, and sits on the board of Southways insisted that his party will scrap the tax should they gain power at the next general election.

However, Michael’s neighbours have called on the councillor to do more to help people like Michael to fight against eviction.

Another of Michael’s neighbours John Clegg said: “We expect elected politicians like Geoff, with positions on the Southways board to help stop the eviction of Michael and other tenants who have arrears due to the bedroom tax.”

Image courtesy of potatojunkie, with thanks

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