“A slap in the face”: Manchester’s NHS nurses left behind by Johnson’s government

The new year may seem like the COVID-19 pandemic is coming to a blessed end.

As most parts of everyday life spring back to life and reopen, people in their droves are flooding back out.

Yet the NHS are still struggling as much as they ever have during the pandemic. As we enter the winter months, this will only worsen.

No.10 find themselves in a COVID dilemma. Prime Minister Boris Johnson may lose the backing of hardliners in his party if he were to approve new restrictions to help battle the pandemic, as the debate around ‘living with the virus’ grows louder throughout the nation.

Behind this however, lives deeply-held feelings of abandonment in the minds of NHS frontliners in response to continued government inaction. Many feel they’re more concerned with saving their political lives than anything else. Johnson’s next move on the COVID chess board has become politicised.

But as Manchester’s healthcare and hospice workers clock in for another day, what do they feel when they look to Westminster and is it time to now live with virus?


Image credits: Photo by Grooveland Designs on Unsplash

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