VIDEO: Disabled homeless woman refused access to Manchester Central Library

A disabled homeless woman has accused Manchester Central Library of ‘discrimination’ after being refused access to the building yesterday due to an alleged injunction.

The whole incident was captured on video and posted onto the ‘manchesterprotests’ YouTube account, which appears to show the woman being denied entry to the famous city landmark by a GMP officer and members of security firm G4S.

After having papers brandished in her face, the woman proceeds to exit the scene saying: “I am not allowed to use the computer because I am a homeless person. This is discrimination.”

The episode unfolds with the woman asking to use the library computers, before someone reaches out to her arm and a voice is heard saying ‘I don’t think you’re allowed in’.

A man nearby the camera repeatedly states that she is a registered disabled lady and is allowed access to the public library.

The woman is then heard asking a police officer why she is being refused entry to the public library, stating she has not breached the peace or been abusive.

She asks the police officer: “Can I please use the computer?”

But the police officer replies: “G4S have asked you to leave. From that point on you are not supposed to be here.”

The police officer appears to sympathise with the two women trying to enter the library, calling one of them Kathleen and saying ‘it’s not ideal’.

The situation then escalates when the man previously heard off camera presses the library staff and police officer to produce papers disallowing the lady from entering.

The lady addresses the camera with a stamped piece of paper saying: “This is apparently their injunction order.”

The lady leaves the library shouting: “I am not a member of the public I am a homeless person, I am scum.

“I am not allowed to use the computer because I am a homeless person.”

As she walks away from the doors she tells the surrounding people and the camera ‘this is discrimination’.

The video has been shared by the Homeless Rights of Justice Mcr Facebook page and can be viewed by clicking here.

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