Two Yorkshiremen drive 2,650 miles to deliver humanitarian aid for refugees

Two men from Yorkshire have driven more than 2500 miles to deliver humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees. 

Kevin Carney and Elliott Chadwick set off at the end of last month from Wakefield on a five-day journey to Chelm in Poland as they believed it was their ‘time to give back’.

The friends took a company Vauxhall Vivaro van filled with sanitary items, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toys and medical equipment for those fleeing Ukraine.

Business owner, Kevin, explained after the generous donations from the public and local school, Outwood Primary Academy Kirkhamgate, there was no inch in the van to spare. 

The 38-year-old added: “This has opened my eyes a little bit where people do actually care and it’s quite refreshing to see.” 

The duo encountered rough seas on their overnight ferry from Essex, adding to their difficult journey. 

Kevin said: “It was the most horrific, horrendous thing I have ever done in my life

“The sea was so rough, you were falling out of bed because it was that bad.”

Once they arrived in Rotterdam they drove to Berlin for the night before continuing onto Chelm, 15 km from the Ukrainian border.

As they arrived to the drop off point 28-year-old Elliot said it was an eye-opening experience.

“There must have been 300 beds in a Tesco, obviously holding refugees and kids, and everything else.

“That sort of made it all real.

“But the reactions from people is something that obviously I saw firsthand, which was probably the highlight of the trip

The pair collectively raised £5500 their caused named #hugkraine on their Go Fund Me.

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