Manchester Day will see ‘mother of all parades’: Global theme AND giant fish aim to connect city with world

Parents, get ready for a level of excitement far greater than half-term week: Gilly the Globe fish is coming to Manchester.

This year’s lead float for the Manchester Day parade on June 22 starting at 1pm on Liverpool Road, which attracted around 50,000 last year, has been announced as the giant fish.

Gilly will be representing this year’s theme which is ‘Going Global’ as he travels to various Manchesters around the world, and the fish is currently heading from Australia to the Philippines.

Liz Pugh, the co-founder of Walk the Plank (who are producing the event), is hopeful the 12-6pm event will go swimmingly .

“Each year it throws up new challenges – the expectation rises but the budget doesn’t!” she said.

“Anyone that works with outdoor events knows that the weather is the biggest factor – but the parade will be happening whatever the weather.

“The day allows us to think about Manchester its history and culture, the theme is about connecting Manchester to the world.”

The council are asking those taking part to think of ways Manchester has contributed to world trends.

Many people are already gearing up for the event helping to create floats for the parade.

Councillor Pat Karney is chair of Manchester Day and is expecting the biggest ever event as it reaches its fifth anniversary.

“Thousands of people turn out to see the mother of all parades through the city centre and each year the groups become more spectacular,” he said.

“Manchester Day is one of the events that children go mad for each and every year.

“Our lead float this year will be travelling to Manchesters across the globe before arriving in the city centre to be the star of the show.”

You can follow Gilly’s journey via Twitter @GillyGlobefish and encourage Gilly’s quest using the hashtag #COMEHOMEGILLY.

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