‘Courageous’: Off-duty Manchester University nurse saves motorist and baby after car smashes into pub

An off-duty student nurse performed an ‘incredible act of courage’ by saving the life of a motorist after their car smashed into the side of a pub.

Natasha Daysh, who studies nursing at the University of Manchester, tended to the driver and a baby after the car veered off the road and struck a brick wall.

The 22-year-old had been catching up with a friend for lunch at the Didsbury Pub in Manchester, when the vehicle suddenly smashed into a lamppost and the pub wall.

“I remember sitting outside enjoying the sunshine, then a bang and a car was on its side with smoke coming out,” said Natasha, who lives in Fallowfield.

“Someone called out asking if anyone was medically trained and having taken my hippocractic oath at University – where members of the medical profession pledge to help others – I felt responsible so rushed over.”

The severity of the situation put her three years of training to the fore, as she composedly examined the baby before resuscitating the driver, while others pulled out an injured young woman.

Natasha, originally from Poole in Dorset, controlled the situation until paramedics arrived on the scene before assisting them while an air ambulance was being scrambled.

“I felt responsible so I rushed over. I raised my voice to tell people I was medically trained,” she said.

“I assessed the baby, although emotionally stressed, he was physically fine.

“The driver was turning purple so I asked people to keep back and used to CPR to resuscitate him.

“I kept the patients airways open. I also restricted his mobility and ensured his neck and spinal cord was stabilised.”

The quick-thinking student put herself in harm’s way, as she courageously placed herself in the smoking car and knelt on broken glass to administer treatment.

Natasha took down details of the medical history of the driver from the passenger to pass on to arriving paramedics during the incident on June 22.

The importance of the student’s rapid response was echoed by community nurses at Abbey Hey District Nurses where she has been on placement.

“Both I and my colleagues are in no doubt if she had not commenced CPR the gentleman would have died before the paramedics arrived,” said staff nurse Lucy Draper.

Natasha’s actions have also been commended by the University, where she is to be formally recognised at her graduation in December.

Professor Karen Luker, Head of the School of Nursing, said “We are proud that Natasha has been able to use her training in the heat of the moment to save this man’s life.

“I have no doubt Natasha will excel in her nursing career.

“To save a life before you have even graduated is extremely impressive.”

Image courtesy of University of Manchester, via Youtube, with thanks

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