Manchester teens hold bad house party to show dangers of anti-social behaviour

Legal highs, loud music, booze and dodgy barbecues are just some of the anti-social behaviours Manchester sixth form students aimed to prevent by staging a bad house party.

Pendleton Sixth Form college students collaborated with local authorities as part of the Safe4Summer campaign to highlight the dangers of anti-social behaviour, by staging a party gone wrong to demonstrate the severe consequences of such irresponsible actions.

The ‘party’ was filmed, and will be used alongside new artwork to educate the public about how easy it is to push things too far and turn fun into catastrophe.

Greater Manchester Police Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan said: “It’s very easy for behaviour to cross the line from social to antisocial.

“It’s important that we consider the impact this behaviour can have on others.

“By combining all of the forms of antisocial behaviour in one room we are able to visually illustrate the consequences they can have.”

This project aims to educate young adults on awareness of those around them as well as encouraging them to reconsider actions they perceive to be innocent.

ACC Shewan added: “Taking ‘legal highs’ and playing loud music may seem innocent enough but think about your next door neighbour, who wakes up early to take her children to school.”

Previous campaigns by Safe4Summer have had successful outcomes, with younger people making themselves aware of dangers.

As well as drug use and disregarding neighbours, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service want to educate youngsters on the dangers of BBQs and fires.

Area Manager Wayne Shields said: “Everyone likes a drink and a BBQ during the summertime, but if you don’t stay in control things can quickly get out of hand.

“You must ensure your BBQ is positioned away from things which might catch fire like fences, sheds, plants or wheelie bins.”

This year, all of the local authorities are coming together to collectively ensure people are keeping safe while they enjoy the summer’s sun, long days and warm nights with family and friends.

Nigel Hudson, authority tactical advisor, said: “This year Local Authorities are supporting the Safe 4 Summer campaign. We want to make 2015 an enjoyable summer for everyone.

“Whether people are having parties at home or enjoying public space or activities with friends please consider that wherever you are, you as individuals are responsible for your actions and any consequences of your behaviour.”

Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd emphasised that this collaboration is not about ruining people’s fun or even discouraging it, but is simply designed to remind people of potential dangers.

He said: “Safe4Summer is not about dampening high spirits, it’s about reminding young people to think twice before doing something that could endanger themselves or cause distress to others.”

Even a seemingly harmless disposable BBQ could be the cause of a house fire which could harm and potentially kill people.

This project aims to advertise the dangers that others perhaps do not see.

Residents can help improve their community and take back control by reporting antisocial behaviour. Report ASB confidentially to police on 101 or 999 in an emergency.

For more information about activities in your area over the summer holidays or for information about antisocial behaviour click here

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