Join the party as The Pankhurst Centre celebrates 120 years of Women’s Suffrage

The Pankhurst Centre is hosting a special evening to mark 120 years since the suffragette movement was founded. 

The anniversary event on Tuesday (October 10) includes a talk, tour and crafts, scheduled from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Guests can learn more about the Pankhurst family, the journey to female emancipation and the feminist legacy preserved within the museum.  

Emma McBeath, Heritage Manager at the Pankhurst Centre, said: “It’s amazing this world-changing movement started here in Manchester so we thought we’d throw open our doors for people to come and celebrate with us.

“I think the story is still important because women’s rights are still an issue.

“We still have work to do to push these stories so other people can understand and think about how they can support women’s rights as well.” 

The movement began in 1903 when Emmeline Pankhurst gathered a group of women at her Manchester home (now the Pankhurst Centre) to begin their fight for women’s votes. 

In 1970, women came together to rescue the Pankhurst home when it faced demolition.

It later opened in 1987 as the only museum in the UK dedicated to telling the story of women’s suffrage. 

On the night, there will be the opportunity to make a souvenir badge to take home, with a goodie bag, glass of bubbly and the chance to dress up as a suffragette. 

The Pankhurst Trust also encompasses Manchester Women’s Aid – providing workshops and support for women fleeing domestic violence. 

Tickets for Tuesday’s event are £15, which includes all activities.

As the Pankhurst Trust do not receive central or local government funding, all donations will go towards supporting their work.

The museum is also open every Thursday and Sunday from 11pm to 4pm. 

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