A step in the right direction? ‘Walk to Work Week’ backed by Stockport council to boost town’s fitness

By Matt Davies

Stockport’s workforce is being encouraged by the council to take a step in the right direction and walk to work as part of a nationwide scheme.

Walk to Work Week aims to get the country on its feet between May 13-17 and Stockport Council are keen to see residents take part.

Councillor Iain Roberts, executive member for economic development and regeneration, supports the idea, insisting the week can aid the town.

“I would encourage people to take part in Walk to Work Week as incorporating walking into our daily journeys brings great benefits for individuals and Stockport as a whole,” he said.

“Walking all or part of your commute is an excellent way to get some activity into your day, doing wonders for both your mental and physical health.

“Even if it’s not practical to walk the whole way, by getting off the bus earlier or jumping off the train a couple of stops in advance, we can all walk more in our daily lives.

“We can reap the benefits as well as reducing our carbon footprint.”

Residents are encouraged to put one foot in front of the other, leave their cars at home and enjoy walking as part of their daily commute.

Campaign group Living Streets is pioneering the idea in the hope it will encourage people to get fitter and better acquainted with their work colleagues, while lessening the effects of pollution.

To register, visit  and compete against others while seeing how many calories you burn and the amount of C02 saved.

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